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Everlasting Moments


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  • 07/07(Sat.)   21:20   Shin Kong Cineplex 3★
  • 07/11(Wed.)   21:40   Shin Kong Cineplex 3
  • 07/15(Sun.)   11:00   Taipei Zhongshan Hall
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With filmmaker's attendance

No English Subtitles

The early 1900s of Sweden is a time of social change, unrest, war, and poverty. Maria, a young working classwoman wins a camera in a lottery, and decides to keep it–a decision which alters her whole life. The cameraenables Maria to see the world through new eyes, but italso becomes a threat to her somewhat alcoholicwomanizer of a husband...

  • DirectorJan Troell
  • Information2008 / Sweden / Denmark / Norway / Finland / Germany / 35mm / Color / 131'  
With filmmaker's attendance Remark Sold Out No English Subtitles