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About TaipeiFF


Chaired by director, actress, film and stage producer Sylvia Chang, Taipei Film Festival is the only festival in Taiwan that offers a New Talent Competition for aspiring directors from around the world and a Taipei Awards competition for Taiwanese filmmakers.

Taipei Film Festival screens around 200 films from more than 30 countries worldwide. With approximately 100,000 attendants each year, Taipei Film Festival has become one of the most influential film festivals in the Chinese-speaking world.

In 2011, we are celebrating our 13th edition from June 24 to July 16.

Taipei Film Festival consists of the following sections:

★ New Talent Competition
Featuring the first or second innovative work of new and talented filmmakers from around the globe. Taipei Film Festival is the only festival in Taiwan that boasts of a film competition especially for international new talent directors.

★ Taipei Awards Competition
Taipei Awards is a competition for Taiwanese films, making this Festival the best way to see works from Taiwan.

A special non-competition section that focuses on one or two cities every year and introduces their films and culture to the audience in Taiwan. London is our 2010 city in focus after a journey through Paris, Prague, Melbourne, Kyoto, Madrid, Barcelona, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Toronto, Montreal, Copenhagen, Jerusalem, Dublin, Berlin and Rio de Janeiro in the last 12 years.

★ Selection of City Visions
Presenting the best and recent works of directors in all genres plus the latest works from the past focus cities.

★ Voices from Asia
Showing films directed by Asian filmmakers, especially films from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and all over the Asian world.
And more sections such as Directors in Focus, Midnight, Music and introduction of boundary-breaking films.