I. Time and Location
1. Festival Dates and Transportation
     1) What are the dates for the Taipei Film Festival this year?
         ANS: June 29 (Fri), 2011 - July 21 (Sat), 2012
     2)Where are the theater venues located and how do I get there?
         ANS: For detail transportation information, please refer to our
Venues & Locations.


II. Program Information
1. TaipeiFF Competitions
How do I submit entries for the New Talent Competition? When is the deadline?
ANS: For detail information, please refer to our New Talent Competition Regulation.
Deadline for submission is March 25 (Sun.), 2012 determined by the postage date.

2. Awards
    1) How do I obtain a list of past TaipeiFF awards winners?
        ANS: Please refer to our Previous TaipeiFF.
2) When will the nominees of the the New Talent Competition be announced?
        ANS: We are expecting announce the nominees for both competitions come early May. Information TBA, please revisit our website for details. 


III. Festival Events
1. Panel Discussions 
    1) What are the topics for panel discussions this year? Time and location?
        ANS: Panel discussions are still underway; please check back with us later.
    2) Is it for free?
        ANS: Depends on which panel discussion. Please refer to our Events.